Deevees Dental Clinic

Why Choose Deevees?

Our DOCTORS! A sincere confession would be to admit that we, by far, have the best doctors in dental/orthodontic practice. Handpicked by none other than Dr. Daniel Varghese himself, these doctors are nothing less than a celebrity today. Imagine the number of smiles these innovators have put out Deevees Dental Clinic has flourished for over 45 years under the fraternal guidance of Dr. Daniel Varghese.

We have pushed through the test of time with top quality dental practice never to shy away from constructive transference. Our patients are given the utmost assurance of safety and our commitment to ethical dental practice. Our new office will give you the most stress free and relaxing environment to get your dental treatment. We have collaborated with the best labs in India, which deliver their services on time using good quality materials. This ensures all your crowns, bridges etc will made to surgical precision and will last you more than their average life span.

Sterilization is given highest importance and it is ensured all the instruments used are cleaned and sterilized as per the standard recommendations. Our doctors and staff keep themselves updated with regular CDEs and in house training “No one is perfect.” It seems true, doesn’t it? We, at Deevees Dental Specialty Center believe that perfection can definitely be achieved and to a prominent level we have proved perfection in our practice. The hard thing about perfection is that, it is hard to maintain and keep up and our efforts through time have been to do the same.
Crème de la crème is how we would describe our services. At Deevees Dental Clinic we practice the art of dentistry day to day and our doctors are more like artists, innovative in their ways and yet amiable with the ethical measures of orthodontics.