Deevees Dental Clinic

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth is not all solid. It holds the blood vessels, nerve tissues and other cellular entities that constitute the dental pulp. The root canal and the pulp chamber make up the physical hollow in the teeth. Sometimes, usually due to lack of oral health, the pulp (nerve tissues, blood vessels etc.) get infected by microbes. There will be a considerable discomfort in such circumstances.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy) involves the removal of the infected pulp and its associated tissues preventing contamination of healthy dental tissues. The empty pulp chambers and dental roots are cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, filled and sealed and finally a crown is applied to close the seal.

Deevees Dental Specialty Centre has always shown exceptional dexterity in handling root canal therapy. We use the latest and best of what technology has to offer be it for dental mechanics or medications. Our doctors are well versed having handled numerous amounts of root canal procedures over the years and guarantee a comfort filled therapeutic session.