Deevees Dental Clinic

Periodontic Treatments

Treatments not for the teeth but for the supporting structures that support the teeth can be considered as periodontal treatments.The gums, alveolar bone (bone that has the tooth sockets), cementum (calcified substance covering the root of a tooth) and periodontal ligament (ligaments that connect the tooth to the maxillae or mandible) are the main focuses to a periodontist.

In adults usually the formation of plaques and inflammation of the tooth supporting structure are the main reasons leading to infections and tooth loss. The plaques and inflammations may not be visible or can go unnoticed to the untrained eyes. Regular dental check up is the solution.

At Deevees Dental Specialty Centre, we offer quality treatments for the periodontium and show great interest in educating the patients about their oral health. We provide different options when comes to certain prognosis based on the relevant circumstances.