Deevees Dental Clinic


It is not unusual that a person suffers from malocclusions (improper bites) often caused by improper alignment of teeth or jaws. Orthodontics is mostly associated with dental braces by people though it is not restricted to metal wires and orthodontic brackets.

At Deevees Dental Specialty Centre we use stainless steel or ceramic materials depending on patient demands. In certain cases we use plastic aligners that nudge the teeth into place. Orthodontic procedures are done in stages or phases and each phase is determined by the orthodontist based on a well estimated time frame and/or depending on the actual progress of each stage.

Our orthodontic practitioners start with a proper diagnosis after carefully understanding the various characteristics of malocclusions or dental deformities prevalent in the patient. The prognosis is defined and decided on after deeply considering the patient and his/her circumstances. A timeline is made and followed stringently until the desired cure.