Deevees Dental Clinic

Crown and Bridges

Crowns are often needed when large cavities threaten the ongoing health of a tooth. The crown covers the tooth or the implant. It is highly beneficial procedure strengthening the tooth. It is also used to give the teeth a better appearance.At Deevees Dental Specialty Centre, we fabricate crowns using many different materials. Though an effective treatment, crowns can prove to be expensive and so we use different compounds and procedures to make the crown in order to go easy on the cost and make it affordable to the patients without quality loss.

Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or set of teeth by joining artificial teeth to the adjoining teeth. Our dental clinic offers myriad varieties of bridges for numerous different circumstances. A clear assessment is made on what kind of bridging procedure is needed and decision is made on the material to be used (gold, porcelain fused metal or porcelain alone) considering the patient demands.

We have experts in the field working for us in developing the crowns and bridges. It is a true testimony to the excellent dental restorative treatments we provide and the quality of service availed by our patients.